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Job Opportunities

There are currently NO POSITIONS available at Yellow Brick Films.

Please be aware that scammers are advertising fake positions at Yellow Brick Films. Yellow Brick Films does not advertise on job search websites. Please report any information you have on scams to authorities.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused,

The “real” Yellow Brick team.


About Us

The Yellow Brick Films team have produced four feature films across the US and Australia. Whilst they draw on their collective experiences and skills, they exercise a highly-tuned collaborative approach to film-making by maintaining a strong and knowledgeable team of like-minded people across all projects.  They supplement their strong core base of savvy filmmakers with a talented local crew and cast which is essential to the creation of an authentic and successful film.  Their past films had major theatrical releases and screened at festivals internationally. Through the successes of their previous ventures,  Yellow Brick Films continues to produce commercially profitable and critically acclaimed feature films each year.






The Lookalike

After an unexpected death, two criminals scramble to find a woman who looks like a drug lord’s love interest.Starring Justin Long, Scottie Thompson, John CorbettDirected by Richard GrayWritten by Michele Davis-GrayProduced by Michele Davis-Gray, Mike Gillespie, Richard Gray, Kaine Harling, Jamie Houge, Virginia Kay, Christian...



 Theres nothing more tightly knit than a small town football club. So when a scandal blows apart the Torquay Tigers, lives are thrown into chaos. After ten years away, one-time Torquay legend Tom Dunn (Ackland) returns to face his demons and pull the club back...


Mine Games

While exploring an abandoned mine, a group of friends make an incomprehensible discovery. They become caught in a causality loop and the more they try to change future events, the more their efforts solidify the future they wish to avoid. Starring: Rafi Gavron, Briana Evigan,...


Summer Coda

Having grown up with her mother in Nevada, Heidi hasn’t spoken to her father since she was seven. Now a young woman, haunted by his memory, she returns to Australia seeking closure. Travelling to her hometown, Heidi is forced to busk for cash and her...


Sugar Mountain

Two brothers down on their luck fake a disappearance in the wilderness so they’ll have a great survival story to sell, but the hoax turns out to be more real than they planned.